What I Learned This Week

Procrastination is a gene.  And my son got mine.  This year he has to participate in the school science fair, WHICH we have known about since November.  It is due in SEVEN days.  I just found this out.  My son hasn’t started it yet.  And just when my life can’t get any more stressful – … Continue reading What I Learned This Week

Middle Schooler

I was really tempted to write this as a “Thrift Shop” parody, because a rap about it would be less likely to make me cry.  My son, who is careening toward the not-so-tender age of 13, is now officially taller than me.  When I say it’s official, I mean it’s on the books.  The record.   … Continue reading Middle Schooler

Once Upon A Time

I know this woman, who recently went through a nasty child custody battle.  She was blindsided by her children’s father, who filed for full custody of the children and subsequently painted her a very bad mother.  I watched her deteriorate during those long days and months – and struggle to smile through her tears and … Continue reading Once Upon A Time