What I Learned in Maryland So Far

Over 40 in Maryland is exactly the same as over 40 in Pennsylvania.  Still the same aches and pains, still wake up feeling exhausted.  Still weigh the same (even after 2 solid weeks of stress! SMH).  And, still can’t read the fine print on anything.Praying mantises can take “many hours” to mate, according to a … Continue reading What I Learned in Maryland So Far

Conversations With Todd – Episode 2

It all started yesterday morning when I sent Todd, who has been dealing with an onslaught of negative shit lately, his horoscope.  You can read it here:  http://www.freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/sagittarius.htmlThe following is the IM transcript from Facebook. Todd:  thanks honey, I guess I'm not really a bull s*** magnet. Me:  nahbut anyone can step in bullshitit's like a … Continue reading Conversations With Todd – Episode 2