Q-Day 163/167: Poodle Nation

"My Three Poodles." Front, left to right: Sabra, Bee. Back: Shuggie. I started working on this post to commemorate 150 days in quarantine, but it got kinda long and I thought it was probably better to just trash it. In a one-paragraph nutshell: I’m still working. There might be a mandatory furlough or less hours … Continue reading Q-Day 163/167: Poodle Nation

Q-Day 147 – Moving Forward

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster for weeks now and I finally consulted a professional. I’m really bad at preventing my anxiety from chewing a gaping hole in my stomach. Nonetheless, I’m now working a clear path through the fog of fuckery. Todd and I have been on vacation this week… guess where we went? … Continue reading Q-Day 147 – Moving Forward