Twas the Day AFTER Christmas

It’s the day after ChristmasAnd the house is a mess,Littered with paper and dishes,Cookie crumbs and a dress.The dishwasher’s fullAnd more dishes to wash.The fridge is overflowingWith leftovers to nosh.Our presents are scatteredAll over the room,The glittery bowsLifting the gloom.Pine needles are falling From our big Christmas tree,Which now leans to the leftAs if down … Continue reading Twas the Day AFTER Christmas

Twas the Day Before Christmas

Twas the day before ChristmasIn our big blue houseEvery creature was stirringIncluding the mouse.Me in my PJsAnd Todd in his skivviesI’m afraid the kids haveClogged the privy.It came fast this year,This fine Christmas Eve,Even though I’ve watched The GrinchMore times than you’d believe.I worked all weekendOn my feetAnd I’m still baking cookiesFor us to eat.The … Continue reading Twas the Day Before Christmas