How I Spent the First Day of School

I’m deleting an email from Pep Boys. How the f*ck did I get on their email list? I don’t even go there. I don’t “do” cars. I drive them, but I leave the repairs to my motorhead husband. When he starts talking about anything beyond horsepower (which also means nothing to me, but don’t tell … Continue reading How I Spent the First Day of School

Meanwhile, Back in My Uterus

I’ve been trying to write something worthwhile for days. I’ve been caught up in circles… confusion is nothing new. Since Pi died, we’ve… I’ve… been wandering aimlessly around trying to find motivation to do anything. I managed to clean most of the main house earlier this week…. Vacuuming and washing floors, dusting off surfaces, putting … Continue reading Meanwhile, Back in My Uterus