This Christmas Eve

On this Christmas Eve, I reflect on where I have been and where I am today. I’m also thinking of friends and family who are troubled today, either by choice or circumstance, and may feel they’ve fallen off (or have been pushed off) the path they believe they belong on. You see, 5 years ago … Continue reading This Christmas Eve

Life Under the Big Top – The Circus Continues

It’s actually several days later, and I am again doing laundry before my offspring leave for 2 days with their dad. What I found in today’s laundry: a boy's belt, a door hanger with the word “Princess” on it, and a shirt on a hanger. This is my daughter – who tries on clothes like … Continue reading Life Under the Big Top – The Circus Continues

The Final Hours

The final hours of Diabetes Awareness Month… I wanted to reflect on the past month, but was busy keeping vigil over my sleeping daughter last night. Yesterday started like any other Monday – wake up before dawn, shower and put on a clean pair of my favorite jeans (remember this, it’s important), get two kids … Continue reading The Final Hours