Q-Day 133: Where I’ve Been, Unabbreviated Edition

Veruca and I both had our hair cut after 3 months. She had so much damage that it’s now shorter than she likes and she “hates it.” I think it looks great but of course I’m just mom and no expert on what looks good – yes, it is shorter, but… it will grow back. … Continue reading Q-Day 133: Where I’ve Been, Unabbreviated Edition

What F^ckery Is This?

By all appearances, I’ve left Facebook indefinitely. I need a break from the fuckery. However, just like… you can run but you can’t hide or,… no matter where you go, you take yourself with you or… not my monkeys, not my circus… sometimes the fuckery finds you anyway. I may or may not have gone … Continue reading What F^ckery Is This?

Drinking and Dreams

I woke up this morning from a series of bizarre dreams I’ll attribute to the chemical interaction between my medication and Goose Island IPA. About a month ago, I stopped drinking (mostly) and returned to healthier lifestyle habits. Spoiler: alcohol makes you gain weight and look puffy and inflames the joints. When I stop drinking, … Continue reading Drinking and Dreams