Quarantine Day 18 : Joy Postponed, & 85 T-Shirts

Last day at work on Friday with the regular crew. One of the providers bought an ice cream cake for all of us. The MA who picked it up had them write “Corona” on it, with a virus symbol over it, because healthcare people are a little morbid but also very good at keeping up … Continue reading Quarantine Day 18 : Joy Postponed, & 85 T-Shirts

Quarantine: Day 15

All you ladies out there worried about your roots – there’s plenty of boxed hair color out there, AND it’s on sale this week! We have ants in our house. It’s the usual Spring exodus, but they’re in my walk-in closet! I bent over to pick up a pair of shoes and they scattered. I … Continue reading Quarantine: Day 15

Day 11

Random Notes: Still have plenty of TP. We're all gaining weight, even the dog, who is getting more treats from everyone in the house than she’s ever had. The drip in the kitchen faucet is diabolical. Dropped a bar of soap in the shower and learned it's just as loud as a shampoo bottle. Star … Continue reading Day 11