What I Learned This Christmas

Don't spend too much time wrapping kids' presents - they will undo your perfection in less than 10 minutes.Forget the expensive $15 toy for the dog - chewed to bits in minutes, all for the two balls inside.  Most expensive tennis balls, ever.Beware grandparents carrying very large presents.Don't go cold turkey on medication 3 days … Continue reading What I Learned This Christmas

Did She Really Say THAT??

Contains mature material, those offended by foul or vulgar language, stop here.My daughter is a class act.  And if our children really are a reflection of ourselves, I think I'd better take a long look at myself in the mirror again.  And pray.I have a tendency to be short-tempered; Ava has a reputation for being short-tempered.  My … Continue reading Did She Really Say THAT??

My New Drug

So what else happens when we have that revelation of our true age?  Like Al Bundy reminiscing about his high school football days, many of us still remember all too well our glory days.  Football, baseball, wrestling, hockey, cheerleading... or just walking from the car to the front door.My husband played the Big 33 in high … Continue reading My New Drug

The ABC’s of J-O-Y

Awakening... to a new day. And Authority, to live life on my terms.Beaches.  Sunlight or sunset, by the ocean, with the one I love.Children... mine.  And, well, yours too.  Chocolate.Dancing... anytime, anywhere.  (see M)Exercise and physical fitness.  Easy-going people/attitudes.Friends.  Good friends, great friends, old friends, new friends.God.  A relationship with and respect for Him ensures … Continue reading The ABC’s of J-O-Y