A Good Place

I dreamed the other night that I was in Martha Stewart’s house cleaning up piles of dog poop. It wasn’t even my dog’s poop. It wasn’t even Martha’s dog’s poop. The culprit was one of Martha’s friends’ dogs. The next thing I know I’m thoroughly scrubbing her bathroom because it’s dirty. Apparently Martha’s standards are … Continue reading A Good Place

Full Moon Shenanigans

The Full Moon Energy post was missing the very best part of my week! I cannot believe I already forgot about Betty. Had an adventure this morning It was scary And sad                                                             Oh?                                                             Shug still alive? Yes, lucky for her As I was leaving for work this morning, among a series of … Continue reading Full Moon Shenanigans

Full Moon Energy

It’s been a while so let’s just jump right in. Not much changes, really, except that apparently my Easter gift to the neighborhood rabbits is tulips. All but one of them, from my observation. The lone tulip resides in the backyard, which is about as safe to a rabbit as swimming in the Nile. Shuggie … Continue reading Full Moon Energy


What does it take to live? Asked simply, the simplest answer is breathing and food. I asked Todd this question this morning, as I sat here for the fourth time since December 31st unable to think this post through. This post, by the way, is the last in a four-part series. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and … Continue reading Thyme


Christmas Eve 2022. The morning is blindingly bright, the sun deceiving as the temperature hovers at 7 degrees. The index says it feels like -9. Like so many major weather events, the sunny day after often seems like a promise of better days. Or a terrible joke, depending on who you are. We have plans … Continue reading Rosemary


This morning the gray-soaked dawn is promising a blockbuster shitshow for everyone who has plans for the holidays. Well, except for at least two friends, whose planned family vacation was serendipitously scheduled to depart three days ago (I think it was 3 days ago, though the days for me are melting into one another – … Continue reading Sage


There have been a great number of deaths recently, both figuratively and literally. I, for one, have been reeling with what seems like a continuous and heartbreaking carousel of beloved and familiar faces exiting stage left – Kirstie Alley, Bob McGrath, Aaron Carter, Julie Powell, Jerry Lee Lewis, Leslie Jordan, Robbie Coltrane, Willie Spence, Angela … Continue reading Parsley