I Was Wrong, But That’s Not Enough

A friend of mine has seen my recent Facebook posts, and has seen my “likes” or my “angry” responses to her posts. She sent me this private message last night.   I recall you having quite a strong aversion maybe even disdain for Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protest against police brutality on black [people] by taking … Continue reading I Was Wrong, But That’s Not Enough

Cast of Characters

This is a list of people who most frequently appear in my posts, as a sort of who's who guide for newcomers. It's going to be in a new tab at the top of the home screen. ** Tara – that’s me Todd – my first serious boyfriend and my second, but most BESTest husband. … Continue reading Cast of Characters

Drinking and Dreams

I woke up this morning from a series of bizarre dreams I’ll attribute to the chemical interaction between my medication and Goose Island IPA. About a month ago, I stopped drinking (mostly) and returned to healthier lifestyle habits. Spoiler: alcohol makes you gain weight and look puffy and inflames the joints. When I stop drinking, … Continue reading Drinking and Dreams

Bad Mom

  Halloween night. Veruca didn’t want to go out, so she stayed home with me to hand out candy. And then she just watched from the window. V warned me that her friends that live across the way had joked about ringing the door and dashing (these are the same 3 boys that raided my … Continue reading Bad Mom

I’m So Chill

Trigger Warning: Parenting a teenage girl. **Do not read if you are considering having a teenage girl. Veruca reached a milestone this year. She was promoted from middle school last night, and in a few short months will be a high school freshman. I’ve been more or less indifferent to this particular passage, being otherwise … Continue reading I’m So Chill