‘Twas the Night Before New Year’s

Twas the night before New Year’s What a long year it’s been! As we sigh the sigh-iest of sighs After 364 days in. We had plans for the future For parties, vacations, and things, Holidays and sporting events, The usual joys life brings. Australia had bush fires. Some Royals stepped down. Impeached Donald Trump Was … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before New Year’s

What It’s Like

Day 286 AND CHRISTMAS EVE. Random thoughts on an abnormal holiday. Some hand sanitizers smell like tequila. And not in a good way – more like tequila the day after a long night of drinking. The two Sagittarians in my life, who I love so very much, seem hell-bent on interrupting the most private moments … Continue reading What It’s Like


Day 272 of quarantine and, this may be hard to believe, I’m sick of it. My patience is waning, my tolerance is at an all-time low; I’m alternately living in a bubble, trying to work safely in my job, and pretending that this isn’t a maddening life I’m living. Part of my writing inspiration comes … Continue reading Unstitched