Q-Day 221: I Never Did Mind About the Little Things

Medical: One tele for Todd, none for me, and three appointments for V, the last of which was Endo on Tuesday. She was her usual pleasant public self, smiling and agreeable, though she snapped at her beloved dad in the waiting room. Teenage girls. The source of many a whiplash for parents. And, for the … Continue reading Q-Day 221: I Never Did Mind About the Little Things

Who Broke You?

I’m working on some new posts, but it’s time to revisit this. It’s as relevant and important as ever.

The Tara Chronicles

The time of reckoning one day comes. One day you wake up and the revelation hits you like lightning. It can be particularly worse when you’re spending the afternoon with someone who seems really content with life as it is. Or, maybe it’s meeting or knowing a married couple, down on their luck but still laughing together, and still loving and appreciating each other. Maybe it’s a final straw – the last injustice he can deliver you, the last condescending syllable he uttered, or the very real sting of flesh meeting flesh.

How many years can or will you endure the control – over how much money is spent, or if family can visit on a Sunday afternoon, or whether your son will have a birthday party this year? How many times did you have to ask for $20, only to be answered with “what do you need that for?”…

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