I Bought a Giraffe

Centering: It’s been 337 days since everything shut down, panic-buying cleared grocery shelves, schools went virtual, and our lives got flipped, turned upside down. I bought a giraffe for $5. But wait, you should know there’s some background on this. I discovered a Facebook page about secondhand finds and it’s spectacular and inspiring. There’s a … Continue reading I Bought a Giraffe


We had the Three Little Pigs and The Grim Reaper at our door last night. It seems a good title for a short story. Today is the first day of NANOWRIMO and I’m pleased to say that I’m motivated, but my writing was more documentation than creative. This is the month to finish the novel … Continue reading Nebulous

Today I am sharing the #Be Real post – “You People”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrLQjx2FKb4 Today my #BeReal guest is Laron Chapman. I am happy to share this project embracing the idea WE ARE ALL UNIQUE. Let’s help him break stereotypes. I have always said that if all we knew about each other (or ourselves) was that which was depicted in the media, we would all be justified in […] … Continue reading Today I am sharing the #Be Real post – “You People”