Q-Day 63 – Isn’t It Delightful?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and a beautiful day for leaving the gate open for Sabra to go turd hunting first thing in the morning. TODD. Lawn mowing competition is ramping up. I got a refund for the field trip V never got to go on, and promptly misplaced the check. She finally … Continue reading Q-Day 63 – Isn’t It Delightful?

The Long Journey Home

……began at 3 a.m. Todd loaded everything into the rental car – a Chevy Equinox that smelled like a brand new car, had that unnerving stop-start technology, and the worst turning radius  since my Volvo. Stop-start by the way, if you’re as unfamiliar as I was, basically means the car goes into this sort of … Continue reading The Long Journey Home

I’m So Chill

Trigger Warning: Parenting a teenage girl. **Do not read if you are considering having a teenage girl. Veruca reached a milestone this year. She was promoted from middle school last night, and in a few short months will be a high school freshman. I’ve been more or less indifferent to this particular passage, being otherwise … Continue reading I’m So Chill