What does it take to live? Asked simply, the simplest answer is breathing and food. I asked Todd this question this morning, as I sat here for the fourth time since December 31st unable to think this post through. This post, by the way, is the last in a four-part series. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and … Continue reading Thyme


I am a huge fan of eleventh hour preparations but this year I bought my Halloween candy three weeks ahead of schedule. And proceeded to open the bag exactly two weeks and 5 days ahead of schedule. Still, I bought enough candy to feed a small country so I was completely disheartened when the rain … Continue reading Halloween

749 Days

It’s been 749 days since we enjoyed our last normal week. 749 days since my son arrived home from college in the middle of the night, the truck packed with his belongings. 749 days since Veruca’s school announced a “temporary”closure. 749 days since Todd moved into his home office and dissolved into what seemed like … Continue reading 749 Days