Q-Day 182: Furry Shenanigans

Shuggie and Sabra went to the vet for their checkups. Together. Shuggie is not really good at the leash thing. I practiced with her in the yard several times, but ultimately counted on her following Sabra to make it successful. What was I thinking? Todd was in a meeting so that left me on my … Continue reading Q-Day 182: Furry Shenanigans

Q-Day 147 – Moving Forward

I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster for weeks now and I finally consulted a professional. I’m really bad at preventing my anxiety from chewing a gaping hole in my stomach. Nonetheless, I’m now working a clear path through the fog of fuckery. Todd and I have been on vacation this week… guess where we went? … Continue reading Q-Day 147 – Moving Forward