Tenacious… and Untenable

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. 258 days since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the big time and we all became way better acquainted with the word “quarantine.” Two hundred and sixty days ago, my life was normal. Hell, all our lives were normal. But we’re talking about me now so just sit back and … Continue reading Tenacious… and Untenable


Q-Day 250 Had a dream that V’s dad arranged for her to get some kind of new experimental treatment – for what I have no idea – using an octopus. Surely this was a worm planted by a friend’s meme, of 2020’s Thanksgiving turkey – the body cavity erupting with octopus tentacles. Did you know … Continue reading Tenuous


You know how hard it is to fall back to sleep after a blood sugar check in the middle of the night, when your brain starts turning over new ideas and titles for blog posts and the direction of that novel you started for Nanowrimo and then memories start flooding in of things that should … Continue reading Meditation


We had the Three Little Pigs and The Grim Reaper at our door last night. It seems a good title for a short story. Today is the first day of NANOWRIMO and I’m pleased to say that I’m motivated, but my writing was more documentation than creative. This is the month to finish the novel … Continue reading Nebulous