Idyllic Adventure Camp, Giant Swing, and Frog’s Spit

North Bay Adventure Camp. Photo copyright TaraKA and Tara Chronicles, 2016. As the mother of a Type 1 child, I’ve been on many field trips either as chaperone or just as “nurse.” I’ve been to an arts institute, a technical high school, the Amish Farm, Fair Hill Nature Center (3 years in a row), the local … Continue reading Idyllic Adventure Camp, Giant Swing, and Frog’s Spit


The day after I first published this post, Pi took her last car ride. It is with a terribly aching heart that I announce her passing.  The first time I came to this house, Todd brought me here. He had wanted me to see the work he had done, his beautiful handmade kitchen cabinets, and … Continue reading Postscript


  My ex and I had one pet we acquired during the marriage – a beautiful Golden Retriever we adopted in April the previous year. Rosco was intended to be the family pet, but in the end he became my dog as the early months progressed and I was the sole caregiver to him. He … Continue reading Closure