To Practice What I Already Know

Blogged while trying to avoid yard sale preparations. I have “unspecified” anxiety – which I’m fairly certain just means, “I get nervous frequently and for no apparent reason.” My grandmother had anxiety, and I’m just going to assume it’s genetically inherited since I have no real reason to have it otherwise. Well, okay – I … Continue reading To Practice What I Already Know

Present State of Mind

  Written to the sound of my dove calling, a cool breeze coming through the window, and Todd on the phone doing damage control on his software program. They drove me to drink. We have a community yard sale coming up this weekend and I decided to spend yesterday organizing my crap for that, rather … Continue reading Present State of Mind

Baby Girl

Six years ago after what seemed like the longest nine months of my life - 13 putrid weeks of round-the-clock nausea and five agonizing months of worrisome ultrasounds - and the shortest imagined delivery that almost ended in the car, Ava was born. She was, perhaps, the most anticipated baby ever - she was planned, … Continue reading Baby Girl