The ABC’s of J-O-Y

Awakening… to a new day. And Authority, to live life on my terms.

Beaches.  Sunlight or sunset, by the ocean, with the one I love.

Children… mine.  And, well, yours too.  Chocolate.

Dancing… anytime, anywhere.  (see M)

Exercise and physical fitness.  Easy-going people/attitudes.

Friends.  Good friends, great friends, old friends, new friends.

God.  A relationship with and respect for Him ensures it.

Humor.  Those without need not apply.  And Honor.

Ice cream.  Mint chocolate chip.

Justice.  We all need it.  Doesn’t it feel good when it’s served?


Love.  Is there anything better?

Music.  There’s a song for everything and an anthem for everyone.  A good beat makes happy feet.

Novels.  Reading a good one transports me to happy places.

Optimism.  Got it?  I do. 

Parents…  Without whom life would never be the same.  Passion… for living.

Quilt – or a really warm blanket to huddle under on a cold night.  Quiet.  ‘nough said.

Rosco – my golden retriever.  Running – my new feel-good hobby.

Summertime… warm air on my skin, playing outside with the kids.  Sex.  Really, really good sex.

Traveling.  Here, there, near and far.  OCMD, New York, California, Italy, Scotland.

Unconditional trust, love.  Understanding.

Vices.  We’ve all got them.  They can bring joy to the soul, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

Wine…. beer, margaritas, Stoli martinis.

X – traordinary moments.  Childbirth, a first kiss, realizing a dream, and the moment you know.

Yes.  It doesn’t always have to be “no.” 

Zeal.  Find something to be zealous about.  Zero tolerance for the bastards who try to bring you down!

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