A Day in the Life

This post was written several months ago and never published.

7:00am – Test Ava, up for the day

7:05am– Check messages online for 10 minutes, get shower, wake up Owen, take dog out, put morning drug on to brew, feed dog, call pediatrician’s office for a CHOP referral, make breakfast for Owen, get him on the bus, run out to store for milk, put last two cakes in oven, get kicked, punched and screamed at while attempting to drag Ava out of bed, empty dishwasher, clean up last night’s dishes, test Ava and give breakfast bolus, take dog out, clean up the “landmines” from last night, drag trash cans back up driveway, finish breakfast, get Ava dressed.

11:00am– Start lessons

1:25pm– Test Ava after a blood glucose correction, blood sugar still high, now change pump infusion site, 25 minute physical battle ensues

1:50pm– Infusion set finally in, give insulin for lunch, take dog out and circle the house four times “for fun”

2:15pm– Lunch and 45 minute break for Ava, who watches back to back episodes of “Olivia” while I: snarf down lunch, scan today’s assessment and send it over to her teacher, pull out pork loin for dinner which is still frozen solid, search for healthy alternative for dinner, plan next educational craft, put on another pot of coffee

3:00pm– back to lessons with extremely distracted 5-year-old, complete worksheets at a snail’s pace until school bus arrives with Owen, take dog out, finish lessons, call a friend and leave a message, begin “classroom” cleanup, friend calls back and enjoy half-hour chat which is interrupted several times by one crying child (hers) and one screaming child (mine), dog barking and finally a blood sugar test

5:30pm– She is low… give lollypop and take dog out, get mail, prepare simple, cholesterol-free, non-pork dinner, test Ava’s blood sugar and give insulin, feed dog

6:10pm– request, beg, cajole, threaten and finally scream at kids to quit Nintendo DS and Wii so that we can eat dinner, finish dinner, clean up, fold load of laundry, transfer wash to dryer and start a new load, clean cat box, take dog and kids outside

7:45pm– husband home, re-heat dinner for him, drag kids and dog inside, test Ava, give snack, get her in the shower, teeth brushed, dressed for bed, turn on her show, put laundry away, get Owen in shower, pull a fresh insulin pump cartridge, read over PA Cyber Parent Handbook while supervising a third viewing of Fred: the Movie (oh my gammit! this movie is horrible!)

10:00pm– last blood sugar check before bedtime, she needs a snack, brush teeth again and put her to bed, then put Owen to bed, fall asleep next to him

11:45pm– wake up for a recheck of Ava’s blood sugar, watch latest episode of Survivor on Demand, take dog out one last time, go back upstairs for another blood sugar check and…

1:35am finally, to sleep.

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