Mad Lib Monday # 1

So here it is, the first product of my new “game.” Brought to you this week by Treena. It was close, though… Amy had some great working answers, particularly the last one, as noted.


Although we believe ourselves to be slovenly civilized, most of us are really fleas at heart, because we still believe in pasty superstitions that began while humans still lived in cheese. Some of these superstitions are:

1. If you spill salt, throw some over your left ear lobe, for mellow luck.

2. If a black lemur runs in front of you, you are in braised trouble.

3. If you break a ladle you will have 5.375 years of swollen luck.

4. Never extrude under a ladder.

5. If your tibia itches it means you will have a rusty visitor.

6. If you want to keep vampires away from you, always wear pork cracklins on a string
around your lip. Amy’s version was “cucumber” on a string around your “big

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