Attitude of Gratitude

This year is my year to give thanks for all I am so very grateful – and thankful – for.

I am thankful for…

God.  Above all and everything else, God alone has blessed me all my life… and given me the strength I needed, when I needed it most.  I am so grateful for the Father who guided me through life’s toughest moments this year, and reminded me of my own self-worth and all that is good in my life, showed me again and again that He is taking care of me, and led me back on the path to Joy.

My children.  They are the driving force behind every last emotion I have, and every action I take.  They are my life, my heart, my breath, my most precious blessings from above.  I am thankful that they are adjusting well to a new, peaceful life full of joy and love…. and I am thankful for every unsolicited embrace and proclamation of my worth to them.

Todd.   I have been enormously blessed to have reconnected with my first love in the midst of a very dramatic, and traumatic, change in my life.  First and foremost, he has been my friend, a source of comfort and joy, laughter and strength, my shoulder to cry on and my “candle in the window.” I am so so thankful that he loves me like he does, and sees me as I am.  This morning he told me he was thankful I said yes; I am thankful that he asked! I can’t imagine my life without him or with anyone else.  I am home.

My mom and dad.  I am thankful for my mom, who has always been there for me through all of my life.  I’m thankful she loves me unconditionally, and never said, “I told you so,” even when she expressed her concerns to me and I insisted she was wrong.  I am thankful for my dad, who too has always been there for me, but ever more so today.  I am thankful to him, and Sherry, who gave us a home when we had nowhere else to go, and welcomed us with open arms.

My friends.  I am thankful for every single one of them, near and far, close and mere acquaintance – they are all valued and I am so blessed to have them in my life, whether it is now or 20 years ago.  I appreciate the value of Facebook for reconnecting me with so many of them and without which I would have missed the many words of encouragement I’ve received from them, that kept me plowing ahead even on my darkest days.

A home.  It goes without saying.  It took me nearly 3 months to find this home where we can plant ourselves until the next big move. 

Work.  I’m thankful to actually have a job, in this miserable economy where people continue to lose theirs, and I am able to at least earn a little bit of my own money.

Insulin.  Without it, my beautiful 6-year-old daughter would not be here today.  And one day, I hope to include Cure among my list of thanks.

Oliver.  And Rosco.  It seems silly to include my pets, and yet silly not to.  Oliver the cat came to us from nowhere, one day in early August.  He is sweet, loving, playful and hilarious… and it occurred to me just the other day that we needed him as much as he needed us.  I am thankful for Rosco, who cannot be with me for reasons never quite “reasonable,” for being the sweet oaf that he was and is.  He gave me something, while we were together, that I can’t quite put into words at this moment – but I think many of you dog-owners out there get it.

Coffee.  C’mon – it can’t all be serious.  Without this little tonic, I’d be lost like the Edmond Fitzgerald.  I am thankful for every cup, travel mug and Wawa java that clears the fog I have to drive my brain through every morning.

And last, but certainly not least, Larry.  The brilliant, seasoned, calm, kick-ass lawyer I never thought I’d ever need, I am thankful to have him in my corner as we sift through the documents, property, custody, lies and manipulations.  I would never have survived the last 3 months without him.  I’d be really thankful if he’d just forget the bill.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

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