New Year, New Goals – Part 2

New Year, New ResolutionsGoals


Since I came up with some good ones last year, I’ll start this list by borrowing from last year’s.

I will continue to seek out Joy wherever, and whenever, I can.  I will not let the bloodsuckers steal it from me.  And I will make sure my children have it, as much as possible, in spite of the things I cannot control. 

I will do my best to give back where I can. I’m not in the best position right now to assert this, but I know I can continue to be a support to those people who need to know they’re not alone.  I can still offer a smile to a stranger, hold a door, express gratitude for little things.  I want to be the example to my children of how people are supposed to treat others.  I watched my son hold the door at school yesterday morning for other students and a teacher to pass through, and it made me so proud. 

I will make sure the people I love and cherish, know.  For sure.  Especially the man who deserves it most of all.

I will fulfill another dream this year.  I don’t know which one.  Got a list.  It’s private – I’m superstitious.

I will start eating right again.  It’s not a surplus of Oreo cookies or chocolate I’ve been binging on.  I’m lacking color, substance.  I’m lacking food, period.  I promise to eat.  Nobody and no- thing is worth starving yourself for.

I will make time for me.  It’s important, I get it.  Real time, not time spent driving to and from school, work, or my lawyer’s office.

I will continue to be a great mom, and I will make sure both of my children never have toquestion my love for them.   I will continue to nurture their hearts, minds, and souls.  I will continue to feed them healthy foods (and a little junk food mixed in – for balance), help with homework, hold them when they’re sad, listen when they’re angry, nurse them when they’re sick, talk to them about anything or nothing at all.  They need and deserve a stable, secure home and they will always find that here – with me.

I will continue to fight for my daughter’s health.  No need to expand on this.  Goes without saying.  And I continue –as I always have – to pray for the cure to end Type 1 Diabetes for all.

I will make positive affirmations every day.  Todd suggested this during the most suffocating days of my stress and sadness.  I’ve already started.  You have to envision the life you want to live.  Envision the Joy, see the Joy, feelthe Joy.

I will continue to thank God for the blessings He has given me.  I’ve been so blessed throughout my life, and although the last few months have tested my endurance and faith … He has not let me down!  A friend recently posted on Facebook: Many delays in our lives have a divine origin. God is rarely ever early but He is never late according to His timetable. Relax and believe that your times are in His hands. 

I will keep looking forward, and never back.  2011 was the year of change. It was wonderful. It was painful.  I don’t want to remember any of it, except the part where I found peace again, and the magical night my fiancé created for us.

I will start running again. I need to.  I gave it up because I just couldn’t do it.  But it recently occurred to me that feeling Joy again requires a physical kick in the ass.  And, I will run two more 5k’s this year.  Maybe even the Warrior Dash – we’ll see.  Physical pain and being covered in mud wasn’t on the top of my to-do list, but it could be very cathartic.

I will finish my course that I started last July.  I started an online MTE course last summer, in an effort to use my English background to hopefully become gainfully employed.  It’s been a slow process to date, but I’m picking up the pace as we speak.

And with that – I will get my financial life in order.  It’s been a mess.

I will finish reading at least 6 novels this year.  I have barely read anything entertaining in months.  I’m ready to lose myself in someone else’s world for a few days.

I will keep blogging.  I really enjoy writing creatively, and I will keep it up as long as it’s relevant and not too self-serving, as I’ve noticed so many bloggers are.  I’m very self-critical when it comes to my writing; I am always wondering whether what I’m composing is really interesting to anyone else but me.  Hence, many posts never made it past this editor.  I want to write things that affect others and make them want to keep reading.  And so, to that end, I’d love to see more followers!

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