Conversations with Todd – Episode 1

(Important background information:  For fun, I submitted my Facebook profile page and it later appeared on my local news station’s Facebook Flash segment and “B,”  with whom I went to high school, saw it as it aired and sent me a message about it.  Todd, who does ad work for my mom, used one of our wedding photos for an ad in the local paper for the Bridal section.  B saw this too, and sent me a message, declaring “you guys are everywhere!”)

So this was our conversation this morning.
Me:  I wish I could make a living “just” writing, you know, publish a book and make millions…

Todd:  I wish I could make a living just lying in bed with you.

Me:  You can, honey, it’s called porn.

Todd:  Oh, right.

Me:  And then B would be putting another message on my wall – “hey, I was going through my porn collection and I saw you and Todd!  You guys really ARE everywhere!”
Life without humor is like an Oreo without the cream.

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