My Son Is Brilliant

Owen finally came home from his first airplane flight and vacation to Disney.  He loved Disney and especially the Tower of Terror, and I’m so glad to hear he had a wonderful time since he was so apprehensive about it the week before they left.

So we pull in the driveway and he walks around the back of our vehicle to help me carry in some groceries.  And proceeds to tell me what he did to dad while they were vacation. 

He says, you know how dad is always saying “I love you” to me, like a hundred times a day?  

Yes, I said, because I know how he is and I remember full well how many times he would say it, just to elicit the same response.  He is one of those people with that, you-have-to-say-it-back-to-me disease.

Well, says Owen, I did it to him.  I kept telling him like 100 times over and over every day that I loved him:  I love you!  I love you Dad!  I love you! And he started cracking up.  I had to admit, it made me crack up too.  Because he’s finally old enough to get it.

So later that day, I get a call from “Dad” who is already in crisis mode less than 24 hours after coming home and needs my immediate help.  During the course of our conversation, he tells me he’s really worried about Owen.

There’s something wrong with Owen, and I’m really worried about him.

What are you talking about?  I said, followed by something that sounded like,  how dare you say there’s something wrong with our son?

I’m telling you, there’s something really wrong with him.  He keeps saying I love you to me over and over again, like 100 times a day.


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