Twas the Day Before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas
In our big blue house
Every creature was stirring
Including the mouse.

Me in my PJs
And Todd in his skivvies
I’m afraid the kids have
Clogged the privy.

It came fast this year,
This fine Christmas Eve,
Even though I’ve watched The Grinch
More times than you’d believe.

I worked all weekend
On my feet
And I’m still baking cookies
For us to eat.

The house is still dirty
There’s no time to clean
And one Christmas present
Is nowhere to be seen.

The tree is still standing
No thanks to the cat
And I’m hoping he won’t pee
On the guest bathroom mat.

The dogs are so stinky
They do need a bath
If they chew one more thing
They’ll suffer my wrath.

Today I must make
Some chocolate mousse.
It goes to a catering,
Not for Jeffrey and Bruce.

For me, just a drop off,
Where I don’t have to work.
Being the owner’s daughter
Is a really great perk.

Then I drop off the kids
To spend time with their dad.
They’ll open some presents
And get spoiled like mad.

This year it’s hisjob
To make reindeer food,
And spread it out on hislawn,
Cause I’m not in the mood.

We still have some shopping,
My husband and I.
We’ll drive around town,
See what else we can buy.

The presents aren’t wrapped,
It will be a late night.
But we’ll wrap and drink wine,
By the soft candle light.

We’re hosting dinner
Though we don’t know how many
I hope we have enough food
And someone brings the Balvenie.

But for now, I’ll have coffee
And try not to drink
Before laundry is done
And I’ve emptied the sink.

Don’t get me wrong,
I’m really quite happy
I took my medication
So I won’t feel crappy.

So tonight as I lie down
I’ll think of you all,
Wishing you a good night,
And some good bourbon balls.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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