A Birthday Poem

Today is the day.
Your birthday is here!
No matter how old,
You’ve still got it, dear.

I remember the day
We made eyes at each other.
You in your Prince shirt,
And me, in another.

Your rich and dark eyes
Drew me in like a vacuum.
I fell fast, I fell hard
On my poor little sacrum.

Though today I am old,
Don’t remember our first date
I remember all your kisses,
And at the prom what we ate.

We rode around in your car
Racing flies and small birds,
Losing mufflers in yards
Where they called you a turd.
(Though that man was quite angry
And used a much different word.)

We had dates and t0ok walks
To the rocks and the park,
Saw Ferris Bueller and Rocky,
And made out in the dark.

We hung out with friends.
We hung out alone.
You smoked cigarettes,                                                                             
But we never got stoned. 
Valentines we gave cards
Filled with promises and love
I wore that pink lacey thing
And your heart, like a glove.

You gave me your jacket,
A heart necklace, your ring,
Some Machiabelli cologne,
And other sweet things.

We had lots of great talks
Where we talked a whole lot.
We shared all our secrets,
And one night not forgot.

In your car we would ride
With me laughing, you singing
Bon Jovi and Dokken
Until ears were ringing.

There was Fourth of July,
Fireworks and the fair.
And the smell of the leather
That you always would wear.

It was sad, oh so sad
When we said goodbye
A whole river was made
On the tears that I cried.

But fate had big plans
Yes it did, just for us,
Though it wouldn’t be easy,
There was much to discuss.

They tried to break us again,
Though we’d planted the seed
As nothing could stop us,
No nothing, indeed.

All it took was your voice
And the sight of your eyes
To know I was yours
And there’d be no more goodbyes.

The smell of your skin,
The touch of your hand,
Memories once buried
Now cherished and grand.

Love grew again
As we moved right along.
We connected over jokes,
And lyrics to songs.

And not before long,
You forever changed my life.
You gave me a ring
And you made me your wife.

Now one together,
I love who you are
You’re always with me
Whether you’re near or far.

You are brainy and smart,
Quick-witted and funny.
You know when to be serious
And when to hold your honey.

Now today I thank God
For all that I have and for you.
Now I smile at the memories
And no longer feel blue.

For I stand beside you
Give you all of my heart
Because it was you who has
Owned it right from the start.

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