Good Morning

I’m pretty sure my alarm went off at 6 a.m. this morning, and I’m pretty sure I turned it off. I was awakened from a terrible dream about Todd being too busy for me on our vacation when Owen knocked on the door. I staggered out of the bedroom with sleepy eye (yes, that’s no typo – I could only see out of one, and even that was questionable), down the hall, and into the kitchen.

My firstborn was now standing in front of the toaster bobbing his head to the tunes in his iPod and the kitchen was silent but for Oliver, who began an instant diatribe on the urgency of food in his bowl. I scooped out his food and delivered it to his bowl with a ping! I then turned to the coffee maker and started a brew. Still no words from the young man, now actively stuffing a series of mini bagels into his mouth. Todd walked around the corner of the doorway and ridiculousness ensued.

O: Good morning, “AC/DC!”

T:  Hey! Good morning, “No Excuses!”

If you’re lost at this point, you are not alone. They were greeting each other’s tee shirts.

O: Going to work today?

T: Yeah… going to school today?

O: Yeah.

And so it goes.

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