On the Road Again – Destination: OCMD



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Co-pilot’s Log: Destination – Ocean City, Maryland

10 a.m. Finally on the road. There were fleeting worries that little bro wasn’t going to show up to dog/house sit, but in the end Todd wasn’t waiting on him – he was waiting on his co-pilot, who is terrible at leaving home for even a weekend. Co-pilots are supposed to be organized, thorough, and apparently on time.

Todd is discussing the vultures who are always looking for a handout. He has finally asserted – NO. He’s always the one they come to for money, a place to stay, etc. I suggested that at one time he may have set a precedent for this. He is generous of soul and spirit, my pilot, and easily gives of himself to others. But he has his limits, and the bank – and the inn – are now closed.

He tells me  that Bill (not a vulture) is anticipating a new job driving a waste management truck – full time with benefits and good salary. He will have to get up at 1 a.m. Ugh. Not for me. I asked if he has to take a drug test. Apparently not. Another bonus, I suppose. Old hippies die hard, after all.

10:57 a.m. Just passed the Kitty Knight House Inn. We passed this last year and I wanted to check it out, and like everything else in my life – I subsequently forgot about it.

Todd had a dream that God came to him and said, cut down all the trees in the horse pasture and build an ark. Todd said, can it wait until I get back from vacation? And God said, sure! And Todd said to God, can I have some sunshine too? God replied, sure! What a God.

11:23 a.m. Clayton, Delaware. After passing “Clayton Delaney Road” and ending up on “Clayton Greenspring Road” I wondered – so WHO the hell is Clayton? A Google later and … he was John Middleton Clayton, a prominent lawyer and politician in 19th century Delaware. (More history tidbits: Yale graduate. Raised his two boys himself after his wife passed away, two weeks after the birth of the second. Opposed the annexation of Texas and the Mexican-American war. Served as U.S. Secretary of State under the Whig administration of President Zachary Taylor. Laid the groundwork for the eventual building of the Panama Canal with the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty.)

A wrong turn in town took us past a beautiful old chapel I spotted through a gorgeous stone entry gate. St. Joseph’s Industrial School features the old chapel pictured above, built in 1896.

1:00 p.m. Stopped for food and fuel in Dover, home of the famous Dover Downs Raceway. TGI Friday’s seemed innocuous enough, and better than fast food. Weird, soft energy in there when we arrived. We were greeted by two employees upon entering, one who asked us, “two for lunch?” I looked at Todd and then all around behind us and said, “uh, yes.” I know better than to be this obnoxious, especially when everybody has heard what servers can do to your food if you piss them off.* But I just couldn’t help myself. I’m on vacation. *Disclaimer: I do NOT know this as fact. Statement based solely on rumor.*

Todd and I have said more times than I can count, that these chain restaurants always seem to be manned by aliens pretending to be human. They just seem off. Similar to that feeling you get when the sound is twenty seconds behind the show you’re watching.

Anyway, I highly recommend the Jack Daniels Chicken Sandwich – my fave. Also – the “For a limited time” endless appetizers.  Order what you want and they’ll keep bringing you more until you tell them to stop. Also, you’re not limited to just one choice – start with the boneless buffalo wings, and change it up to the BBQ chicken quesadillas. (The leftovers saved me the next morning when I woke up.)

3:45 p.m. In our room. Stopped in Rehoboth at the liquor store with “over 5,000 wines” to buy some hotel room supplies because – well – one cannot stay in a hotel without liquor. We were able to check in early. The pool is closed – there was “an incident” last night, and it has been drained and will be thoroughly cleaned and refilled. I’m intrigued.

Being a 47-year-old mother of two, I ran straight for the bathroom upon entering and noted the new, fluffy white towels. When I made to open the door, it wouldn’t open! Somehow I was locked in there, and I had no idea how. I started turning and pulling on the knob, calling for Todd, and trying not to sound hysterical. He suggested I locked it, which I did NOT. But alas, the joker who previously occupied the room must’ve thought it would be a fun prank. Haha. Very funny, asshole.

Let the adventures begin.


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