Covid-19 – The Numbers

In my private journal I recorded the statistics as they were reported by Johns Hopkins, as well as personal notes for history. Here follows what I had written.

In 79 days, we went from 1,274 cases, to 1,747,087, and from 31 nationwide deaths to 102,836.) Sobering.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (the first date I began recording)

Over 1,000 infected in the U.S. and 31 deaths (PA has 2 positive cases, 14 presumptive positive; Maryland has 9.)

Thursday, March 12th

1,274 cases

California  139 (4 deaths)

Connecticut  3

Delaware    1

Florida       26  (2 deaths)

Maryland   12

New York   216

Pennsylvania   15

Washington  373 (30 deaths)

*no reported cases in Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Maine, Montana, West Virginia

**Veruca’s school closes for next two weeks. Opac vacates dormitory and returns home.

***Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson reported positive while in Australia


Thursday, March 19th

Worldwide            222,642         (9,115 deaths)

U.S.                                9,415

            Maryland             85   (Governor Hogan reports first death yesterday)

            Pennsylvania   133

*Trump refers to coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus.”

**Widespread reports of difficulty obtaining/getting testing.

*** Panic buying and hoarding begin. Toilet paper is unavailable anywhere.

****Governor Tom Wolfe (PA) closes all non-life-sustaining businesses.


Saturday, March 21st

Worldwide                        284,566        (11,686 deaths)

U.S.                                         19,624

                        PA                         268   *59 in Montgomery County

                        MD                        190   *none confirmed in my county


*It is believed there may be thousands who are “asymptomatic carriers.”

**There isn’t enough PPE or ventilators to support the number of cases/expected cases.


Tuesday, March 24th

Worldwide                        409,014        (18,245 deaths)

U.S.                                         50,206

                        PA                         851     ( 7 deaths)

                        MD                        349     ( 4 deaths)


*The next day, Wed, March 25th, five children tested positive in Maryland, and the total number of cases in the U.S. went up to 61,167 (an increase of 10,961 cases).

** And Trump suggested getting back to normal by Easter Sunday (April 12th). He also told Governors they need to be “nice” in order to get help with coronavirus supplies.

*** Overwhelmed hospitals are in desperate need of PPE and ventilators, and patients are dying in the ER waiting for care/treatment.

****On the heels of Mardi Gras, a huge surge in cases in Louisiana is reported.


Thursday, March 26th

Worldwide                        529,093        (23,956 deaths)

U.S.                                         83,507       *U.S. has now surpassed China in # of cases

                        PA                      1,795

                        MD                        583


*New York City and surrounding areas now the epicenter of the virus.

**Trump complains about “the woman governor,” and calls for other governors to be “appreciative.” He questions Cuomo’s (NY) request for 30,000 ventilators.


Thursday, April 2nd

Worldwide                        1,014,673     (53,030 deaths)

U.S.                                            245,070

            PA                                      7,268    (90 deaths)

            MD                                     2,331    (36 deaths)


Tuesday, April 7th

Worldwide                        1,414,738     (81,259 deaths)

U.S.                                          387,547    

            PA                                   14,852     (240 deaths)

            MD                                     4,371      (103 deaths)


Saturday, April 11th

Worldwide                        1,704,565     (103,257 deaths)

U.S.                                           501,615

            PA                                   20,408     (449 deaths)

            MD                                    6,968      (171 deaths)


*Grocery stores have implemented one-way aisles.

**PA has announced schools will not reopen this year. Maryland has not yet done so.


Wednesday, April 15th

Worldwide                        2,062,485    (136,908 deaths)

U.S.                                            638,111     (30,800 deaths)

            PA                                    26,753     (779 deaths)

            MD                                   10,032    (311 deaths)


*Mandatory face covering/mask ordered in my area of Pennsylvania. Maryland will be mandatory on Saturday the 18th.

*Protests to re-open states are occurring everywhere, with no regard to social distancing and/or masking.


Sunday, April 26th

Worldwide                        2,965,363    (206,265 deaths)

U.S.                                           963,379   

            PA                                    46,616    (1,816 deaths)

            MD                                    18,581   (910 deaths)


*Random tidbits: In February, the president called the virus a “Democratic Hoax,” then said virus would “miraculously” disappear, and last Thursday suggested UV light and disinfectants as potential treatments.

**Florida beaches reopen. Georgia’s governor reopens gyms, hair and nail salons, movie theaters, tattoo parlors, and bowling alleys.

***Delaware ban – non-residents are NOT ALLOWED to shop there and/or must self-quarantine for 14 days.


Monday, May 5th

Worldwide                        3,603,217     (252,102 deaths)

U.S.                                       1,180,634     (68,934 deaths)

            PA                                   52,816     (2,838 deaths)

            MD                                  26,408    (1,317 deaths)


Wednesday, May 13th

Worldwide                        4,283,885   (293,157)

U.S.                                        1,370,460    (82,391)

            PA                                     61,310    (3,914)

            MD                                    34,061    (1,756)


*In the two weeks that have passed, it snowed in PA and MD, and two White House staffers tested positive for Covid-19.  Trump refuses to wear a mask.

**Antibody testing has become available but lack accuracy and none can verify immunity or risk of becoming re-infected.

***People are losing their minds over having to “stay home” and “wear masks,” protesting in cities – white men with big guns and no masks. The irony of our nation’s double standard is not lost.

****Florida cases have exploded since beaches reopened.


Saturday, May 30th

Worldwide                                    5,952,145     (365,437)

U.S.                                                    1,747,087     (102,836)

            PA                                               74,984     (5,464)

            MD                                              50,988     (2,466)


*Governor Hogan reopened Maryland on Friday, May 15th with “Safer-at-Home” guidelines, and magically – the one-way aisles in the store disappeared overnight. PA has projected reopening of Friday, June 5th.

**Trump still not wearing a mask and claims to be taking hydroxychloroquine (the once-tauted miracle Covid drug that has since been linked with deaths) prophylactically.

***Thousands mob beaches Memorial Day weekend.

****Still under social distancing rules, hundreds of thousands are protesting in over 27 cities nationwide for several days over the police killing of African-American man, George Floyd (which requires its own post and not meant to appear downplayed here). Many with masks, but still raising concerns during a worldwide pandemic.







2 thoughts on “Covid-19 – The Numbers

  1. Florida is having a spike, but I don’t think it’s due to the beaches. I think it’s the restaurants. Ugh. We aren’t near being done. I’m sitting on my balcony wanting to be normal and go to a Happy Hour, but that’s impossible. Instead, I signed up for BeachBody, ordered my groceries for pickup and will stick to my plan…..with the exception of a haircut tomorrow.


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