Q-Day 221: I Never Did Mind About the Little Things

Medical: One tele for Todd, none for me, and three appointments for V, the last of which was Endo on Tuesday. She was her usual pleasant public self, smiling and agreeable, though she snapped at her beloved dad in the waiting room. Teenage girls. The source of many a whiplash for parents. And, for the record, I am not singling anyone out – just making the case that everyone is a potential target. I can only speak for myself, and I am the current target for all things wrong in life. And let’s just say there’s a very good reason I named her Veruca. I never did mind about the little things.

Dental: I went for that crown I mentioned in a previous post and guess what? It turns out to be only a temporary – the permanent one will be coming from an outside lab that will be “stronger and last longer.” That was two weeks ago. No big deal I guess, though I wonder at the number of times I need to go into that office for one issue. Read = number of potential exposures. Also, I had a temporary filling to replace one that fell out back in … was it May, or 6 years ago? So… I guess that still needs to be replaced with a permanent one? 2020 has not been a good year for teeth. And there’s more.  WAY more.  I never did mind about the little things.

Work: Work is work. We’re back to our old schedules/hours and, while this is some semblance of normal, we’re still wrangling and maneuvering appointments to keep the sick and well separate. Areas have people limits, like the break room (no more than 4), so we can maintain the six-feet rule. Where we once all gathered there and shared lunch and lively conversation, many of us eat alone in separate spaces. I never did mind about the little things.

Social: Social? What social?? No seriously. I’m getting my social fix from work – which is really one of few places where I see anyone other than Todd and V. We haven’t had any Zoom cocktail hours with friends in months. I chat with my neighbors when we “bump into” each other outside. Last weekend I had a friend over at the fire pit – a long-overdue get-together and when I say long overdue I mean like 4 years. Maybe 5. And we live 15 minutes from each other. Tony still drops in once every other week or so. Had another friend by the fire pit a few weeks ago. That is IT. I never did mind about the little things.

Personal: Todd and I are great, still happily married, still in love, still laughing. Nothing to see here. Otherwise, I’m being sued for custody of V. Again. I never did mind about the little things.

Canine: It was Bee’s 4th birthday last weekend and she had a great day! Sabra went to the groomer and I bathed Bee and Shuggie myself so they smell wonderful again. Shuggie helped herself to some leftovers I had on the counter in a sealed takeout container – she opened the lid and cleaned the container DRY before I caught her on her hind legs, front paws on the counter. Sabra was standing behind her, watching, when I walked into the kitchen, and just looked over her shoulder at me like she was pleased to see Shuggie get in trouble. I never did mind about the little things.

Feline: No, I do not have a new kitty. But my MOM does. He showed up at the restaurant and decided it was home and, while Mom insists “but I don’t want a cat,” I told her he has chosen her and subsequently named him Boo. The name appears to have stuck. She called me hours after I’d stopped in to see her, to tell me “Boo has been a very bad boy.” (He jumped up on a table where guests were dining in the courtyard.) Update: Boo spent a very busy Saturday night walking around the courtyard visiting guests and “acting like he owned the place,” and did not jump up on one table. I love him. And I’d take him in a heartbeat, except Todd says he doesn’t want to see mangled cat and a pool of blood in our house (there’s an apparent concern for canine lack of appreciation for felines). I never did mind about the little things.

Legal: The car accident litigation continues, two years later. We might be closer to closing this soon. I hope. And apparently lightning strikes twice, as aforementioned. I Never Did Mind About the Little Things. In other news, a friend has finally settled her X issues and I couldn’t be happier for her. She knows who she is.

Political: We dropped our ballots in the ballot box last weekend and it made my whole damn day! Trump continues to inundate the public daily with misinformation, threats, and wah-wah-wah-they’re-picking-on-me tweets. People continue to hotly argue on Facebook, so best to stay away from if you want to avoid the Trumpster fires burning everywhere. I never did mind about the little things.

Mental: It’s been a bit emotional lately, natch. I’m managing. Plus – I’ve got a warrior in my pocket. To borrow a meme, I have a 100% track record for getting through challenges. Nothing can touch me. I never did mind about the little things.

Physical: Feeling great! I need to up my yoga game but I’m still doing the physical body work – exercise, eating well, no alcohol. And I am down 7 lbs mostly – though that one pound teeters up and down depending on the weather – it’s been kind of stuck on that one number for a couple of weeks. I’ll blame it on the weather. I never did mind about the little things.

Friends: A bit redundant but I have seen none, but two friends, since March (excluding “work” friends). I miss my extended “family-I-choose”… miss the meetups and dinners. We’ve all lost a little touch through this cyber world we are currently in, but I hope they know how important they are to me still – and that one day we’re going to celebrate the end of this hell we’re in. I never did mind about the little things.

Family: Our family circle isn’t very large to begin with, but it’s now severely limited to my in-laws (who continue to quarantine themselves) and my mother. Silverfox and family are not what I consider to be quarantining and we have not seen any of them in months. Neph was supposed to visit some weeks ago but he was called into work. Nephtoo is a senior in college and off living his best life. My son is a fulltime college student and working a part time job and, while not living here, I still get to see him for a hug and a FTF. Any other children not mentioned here are angry and sullen about not getting their way and so there’s not much to add. I never did mind about the little things.

Creative: I’m working on several creative pieces, because I can never settle on just one. I’m working on a second short story to join the first I wrote over the summer. I’ve added to the novel I started two years ago. And more ideas hit me throughout the days so that I cannot chose a focus. Even the blogging as fallen away, but I have very personal reasons for that right now. In any case, I’m open to suggestions on what to blog about.

Don’t be discouraged by what’s not changing… have patience… God is faithful to what He promised.

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