‘Twas the Night Before New Year’s

Twas the night before New Year’s

What a long year it’s been!

As we sigh the sigh-iest of sighs

After 364 days in.

We had plans for the future

For parties, vacations, and things,

Holidays and sporting events,

The usual joys life brings.

Australia had bush fires.

Some Royals stepped down.

Impeached Donald Trump

Was acquitted, still a clown.

We lost Kobe Bryant,

Chadwick Boseman and Eddie

And Alex and Ruth.

We were simply not ready.

A big movie mogul

Got what he deserved.

Kim Un might be dead

And Ghislaine was served.

Then a new virus arrived

A pandemic, they called it

They blamed it on China

And some bat who got sick.

Schools had to close

Restaurants and stores too

Work became a scary place

And our anxiety grew.

We were told to wear masks

Each time we went out.

But the President, he said,

It’s under control, with a shout.

Grocery shelves emptied,

Food, cleaners, and paper.

We were limited to quantities

And the great TP caper.

Perplexing it was

Not to know what to do.

The experts said, Mask!

The Trumpers said, Boo!

We lost time with loved ones,

Sank ourselves into shows.

Discovered what Zoom was

And stopped wearing clothes.

Work from home became norm.

Drinking and multi-tasking,

Watching CNN and Tiger King,

And that damned Carol Baskin.

We texted family and friends

Sharing memes and humor,

Desperately connecting

To dispel fear and rumor.

Some words became mainstream

Like ventilators, PPE

Herd Immunity and lockdowns,

Remdesivir and vitamin D.

The numbers of cases

Rose dramatically each day.

New York was the hot spot

While we watched in dismay.

But the world doesn’t stop

No, not for a beat.

Then a man died in agony

Under a knee, on the street.

The nation was enraged.

Protests rose up everywhere.

Because, Black Lives Matter.

So much prayer and despair.

The president holds rallies.

His supporters don’t mask.

Unemployment keeps rising.

Congress is taken to task.

Mitch and Mnuchin

Don’t want to play

While millions of people

Struggle with bills to pay.

We get a relief bill.

The West Coast is on fire.

Now we have murder hornets

And 200,000 expired.

An election becomes madness

As Trump poisons the way,

Claiming fraud from the golf course,

Firing people, every day.

The postal service imperiled,

But Biden wins by and large

With Kamala Harris, the first black

Female to be VP in charge.

As the year comes to an end

We spend holidays alone.

Sadly, no family dinners.

It’s like nothing we’ve known.

With nearly 20 million positive

And more than 335,000 dead,

A vaccine begins to shine hope

Where once there was dread.

Goodbye 2020!

We won’t miss you at all.

Goodbye Donald Trump!

You’ve had a great fall.

When we wake New Year’s Day

Just remember what’s true

There is hope and promise ahead

Finally, for me and for you.

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