Q-Day 56: Where I’ve Been

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the abbreviated version: A drive through Pennsylvania, X’s new house, the restaurant, work, and the stores – grocery, liquor, pet. You can skip ahead to the highlighted stuff, if you want. I drove Opac to his dad’s, where he’ll be staying for the next several weeks. It’s a fairly … Continue reading Q-Day 56: Where I’ve Been

The Long Way to Erie, Part 2

We left Niagara Falls – an oddly quiet and yet noisy town, and drove through the fog toward Buffalo. We took 190 to North Street through a quiet area of historical buildings and more churches in a 3 block radius than I’ve ever seen in my life. North Street took us to the corner of … Continue reading The Long Way to Erie, Part 2

The New Adventures of Dean and Mrs

Early in the semester we were invited to a private viewing of a documentary produced and directed by one of Todd’s faculty members about pirate radio in Britain in the 1960s. Briefly, these were unlicensed radio “stations” broadcasting from ships anchored in international waters; however “legal” the broadcast from outside the territorial limits, it was … Continue reading The New Adventures of Dean and Mrs