What I Did On My Summer Vacation – Weeks 4 & 5

Somehow I’ve managed to confuse myself and we are actually in week 5 now.  I wrote during week 3 for my previous Summer Vacation post, but actually had much left to experience after Sunday’s Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser for cheer before calling it over. 
What I did when I wasn’t here:

Woke up at 7 on a Sunday to deliver my little cheerleader to stand outside with pompoms and “cheer” guests through the front door.  Because every good parent knows how to take advantage of what looks like an opportunity, Todd and I made this a “breakfast date,” which was interrupted no less than 46 times in an hour and a half by little cheerleaders asking if we needed more coffee, more juice, anything

Went to Home Depot (conveniently located next to Applebee’s) and purchased 6 bags of black mulch and $100 worth of plants to drop in our front garden, and spent the rest of the day weeding, planting, and mulching.  It’s still not ready for Martha Stewart, but the neighborhood cats seem to be very pleased with the mulch.

Practiced my patience skills by arguing with Ava about healthy eating and why ice cream is not an everyday snack EVERYTHING, preparing dinners that meet all the dietary requirements of 5 differing palates, repeating my mantra that fruits and vegetables are the tickets required to purchase junk food, and explaining to Owen that I’m not buying a weight bench just because he’s off from practice for a week and it isn’t in the budget right now anyway.

Visited CHOP for Ava’s 3 month endo check-in where we learned her A1c has gone up significantly since last time, which is no surprise given the hell ride we’ve recently been on with high numbers.  These visits are always stressful, especially when you’re in the midst of making all the necessary changes and the blood sugars haven’t yet stabilized.  We have a fantastic NP – she’s kind and smart and not judgmental, but as Mom I always, always feel like I’m failing when my daughter’s blood sugars aren’t “perfect.” This is partly normal, and partly a result of something else – something for another post.

Finished Orange is the New Black season 3 and finally did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Yeah, before you get any ideas – I started Game of Thrones.  I only finished the first season, and I am disappointed in the “everybody dies” theme (as my friends stated with bit of perplexing glee) but the end f*#%ing ROCKED.

Visited a longtime friend and watched my 14-year-old son get uncomfortable every time her almost 2-year-old wanted to breastfeed. This possibility hadn’t occurred to me and left me sniggling to myself. I had forgotten those days when they would want to breastfeed for 2 seconds, then get down and run around for 5 minutes, and then want to breastfeed again for 2 seconds, and then get down and run around again. It made my nipples hurt just watching.

Got my first speeding ticket in 28 years.  Seriously.  In PA.  For those who know, there’s this stretch of Rt. 113 in Lionville where the speed limit drops from 45 m.p.h. to 35 m.p.h.  Freaking nobody I’ve ever seen obeys this.  I saw the flashing lights, and I changed lanes to get out of his way until I realized it was my lucky day. He explained that people think that it’s 35 because of the schools, but really it’s because it’s a residential area with a lot of driveways.  I completely understood because I lived on a busy road before I moved to Maryland, where the speed limit was 40 and absolutely not one single driver drove under 55, and there were no police monitoring this.  None.  And now I’m getting ticketed for speeding on a busy road where there are many residential driveways.  This irony is not lost on me. As we’re pulling away, Owen looks at the ticket and says, wow,$138.  That’s more than the weight bench cost.

Attended a 4-year-old’s birthday party and relished it child-free with a beer and the best hot dog ever… and finished the day at a neighbor’s picnic.

Tried to write something that didn’t suck.  This is really, really hard to do when you’re trying to do this in the kitchen – which is really stupid considering it is the hub of food, loud voices, animals grazing, and general melee. 

Did something with Todd I haven’t done in 17 years. 

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