A Few of My Favorite Blogs

Today I’m sharing the top four bloggers I currently stalk. Well, I don’t really stalk them, because that’s just too time consuming and plus they all live ridiculously far away from me. Especially Texas – which is really, really big so I’d be driving for like, weeks just to find her town, and even then she now lives in a closed-gate community because of people like me who drive famous bloggers to medicate and hire bodyguards.  

Anyway, the first blogger is really, really hilariously funny in a big Texas way – no other writer has left me laughing so hard I’ve cried, or managed to annoy my sleeping husband while I tried to read quietly to myself. She is not to be missed and, because her humor can’t be contained to just blogging, she has published two books which I highly recommend: Let’s Pretend This Never Happened and Furiously Happy. Jenny Lawson is TheBloggess.
The second is a lovely lady from across the pond (this is unconfirmed but I feel safe at guessing that it’s somewhere across an ocean from the United States) who writes rather generously about her sexual adventures and relationships. Obviously I’d have better luck finding an elephant in the Antarctic, and I can’t go around staring at every woman’s breasts trying to identify her (see Boobday). This one might not be for everyone of course, but it’s not all sex, all the time. I love her sincerity, her attention to detail, and her writing style – it’s what drew me in from the very first time. I found her in the comments on The Bloggess over a year ago, and decided to check out her blog and I’ve never left. Definitely rated M for Mature. I suggested she write a book based on her experiences, but so far Ann St. Vincent hasn’t started one.

The third is our neighbor to the north in this very famous place with a lot of falling water – where I’ve always wanted to go and am dying to take a long weekend with Todd cause I hear they have great casinos too – and, being the tricky Gemini I am – would be obliged to attempt to locate this gentleman so we could f@#$ with him (figuratively speaking, of course). Though now that I’ve said this out loud, he very likely has already alerted border patrol to be on the lookout for me. You’ve BeenHooked reveals the good, the bad, and the ridiculous of the hospitality world, as well as some very important proverbs … and will definitely make you think twice the next time you plan a wild weekend in a hotel. His book, The Bellman Chronicles, is on my Christmas wish list…and promises reading you won’t be able to tear your eyes away from. Kinda like watching Caitlin Jenner.

The fourth lives on the west coast somewhere that isn’t California, but I can’t remember if it’s Washington or Oregon because my brain has taken a permanent leave of absence. I’ve been to Washington so no immediate need to go there, but Oregon would be nice – since we have family near Portland and also a fellow D-mom who isn’t a snarky bitch that I’d love to meet in person – but again, Ned Hicksonmight be slightly inclined to file a protection order if a pair of strange Easterners showed up at his door and invited him to dinner. Nevertheless, his humor is priceless and his writing is honest and entertaining in a non everybody-loves-my-blog-now-so-who-cares-if-it’s-interesting-anymore way. He’s currently in the running for best blogger and no one deserves it more. He’s the type of guy who’d be the big brother you always wanted. He too has published a book, Humor at the Speed of Life, which is on my Hanukkah wish list (because I can’t ask for everything on my Christmas list. That would just be rude).
The order of these is not indicative of value – but rather the order in which I discovered them – each respectively by way of the blogger preceding him/her. Funny how that works.

Happy reading!!!
**Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for my recommendations, although if any of them would like to invite me to dinner….I like Italian food and sushi. Not necessarily together. And Wine. Wine is good. But if they only have tequila, I’ll bring the limes. I’m easy like that.

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