What I Did While I Was Gone

Did a whole bunch of writing. I began one morning feeling royally peeved over that drama and wrote another post about it. Inspired by NaNoWriMo (look it up, people), I did some writing for my “novel.” I also pm’d another admin for the group respectfully asking that my daughter’s photo be removed from their videos of “T1 Warriors,” because I’m not comfortable with her image being used to promote their agenda – particularly if I am blocked from the group. I didn’t get a response. It’s now a week later and I just sent a similar message to a different admin– so hopefully I will be heard this time. I can assure you I will not be ignored.

Went running. Nephew1 and I went for a run on a glorious morning and I was pumped because he motivated me to take longer strides and run faster… that is… until his stamina ran out around 0.62 mile. I marveled at how running with each of my nephews is like night and day: one I can’t keep up with (Nephew2 recently surpassed his own PR at 5:23) and the other can’t keep up with me. Once he started walking, I’d dance around him every time I passed him pointing and singing – 18…46, 18…46!

Worked. I worked a cooking class at the restaurant, the style of which has changed since my earlier days… the class is held entirely in the kitchen now, including tastings and wine. There was this woman who used to work for my mom in her other restaurant some 30 years ago, who decided she could help me serve the tastings and clear the plates, and otherwise was very loud about her preferences. She pushed my last button when she suggested in a slurry, wine-infused voice that the sous chef and I were an item. I suppose it’s an easy mistake to take mutual eye rolling for “making eyes” at each other. At least I got a leftover half bottle of wine – which I heartily polished off once I got home to a sleeping house.

Had an impromptu nap. Before another ride to PA I fell asleep on the couch for about an hour before the kids got home from school. It was awesome.

Found a remedy for fruit flies.  The final straw was being assaulted as I sipped my wine. It flew up my nose with a startling rush not unlike snorting uncut cocaine and a moment of confusion where I wasn’t sure whether to blow it out or jump around slapping myself in the face. Our fruit fly situation continued to get worse, and I went on a mission to find the source. Starting with Nephew (hereafter to be known as “Neph”), since I had it on good knowledge that my son wouldn’t be caught dead with anything but processed food in his room. I have an empty cranberry juice bottle with some leftover cheap wine (translation: wouldn’t drink it if my life depended on it) and an extremely ripe strawberry in it, sitting on the counter with a paper funnel on top. So far I’ve trapped a dozen or so of the little bastards.

I produced miracles. I got Pi to the vet for her surgery by 8 a.m., drove Ava back home to catch the bus, and then took Owen to his orthopedist appointment by 9:30. I was so proud of myself for pulling all this off without a single moment of stress and everybody was on time (!!) – which, if you really know me, is unheard of. And then I saw Ava’s medication sitting on the counter and swore the short list of profanity, hopped back into the car and drove to school to deliver it.

Worried incessantly about our old girl who is soon to be 15, who had to have a necrotic growth on her side removed and had a complication and needed drains put in. She was also very weak, and so had to remain in hospital for an extra 2 days. I sat with her for an hour the day after surgery on the floor of the kennel, watching these kittens across the aisle losing their shit over the newspapers lining their cage. Highly entertaining for me, most unfortunate for Pi, who isn’t so fond of cats to begin with.

Went to school. American Education Week ended Friday, the day we were invited to school to watch our kids learn. Instead I watched my daughter practice for an upcoming choral concert and then build a volcano with her friends for a science project, which has still not erupted (no predictions on when she’ll blow, either).

Attended a Very Important Meeting conducted by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and the Maryland Department of Education to discuss school diabetes management. Lots of very important peoples (including a U.S. Senator, who was in my work group), lots of very important things learned, and an opportunity to have my voice. I’ll be blogging about this later.
Worked again. Very anticlimactic. It was busier than f@#$, and the kitchen was running horrifically a bit behind, but I got to meet the man who could’ve been my father again when he told me they used to date, how they both owned Triumphs,  and how “cute” she was in high school. Some things are better left unsaid, ya know what I mean?? I’m always surprised what a small world our restaurant revolves around – how that 6 degrees of separation is damn near incestuous.

Obviously, spent a LOT of time in the car. Which is why on Sunday I…

Slept til 1:00. There is nothing more luxurious and slothful like being comatose for nearly 12 hours. It was well worth it, even with all the hoopla in the kitchen after The Queen arose.

All in all – it was a busy and not entirely unproductive week. Without Facebook. I didn’t feel any happier, or any less so, just indifferent. I missed the easy and convenient contact with my friends who are too far to see very often. I didn’t miss the drama which, apparently, went on without me… as more executions were handed out without a fair trial.

Today I will turn the notifications back on, and slowly let Facebook seep back into my life. 

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