Q-Day 56: Where I’ve Been

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the abbreviated version: A drive through Pennsylvania, X’s new house, the restaurant, work, and the stores – grocery, liquor, pet. You can skip ahead to the highlighted stuff, if you want. I drove Opac to his dad’s, where he’ll be staying for the next several weeks. It’s a fairly … Continue reading Q-Day 56: Where I’ve Been

Quarantine Day 22: Joy

Welp, today’s the day. Todd says “someone” smells like pee and since I’m pretty sure it’s not me, Sabra is getting her bath today. Her fur is long and getting fluffier by the day so I anticipate this is going to be a joyful adventure. I read that monkeys shouldn’t eat bananas, that it’s equivalent … Continue reading Quarantine Day 22: Joy