Q-Day 133: Where I’ve Been, Unabbreviated Edition

Veruca and I both had our hair cut after 3 months. She had so much damage that it’s now shorter than she likes and she “hates it.” I think it looks great but of course I’m just mom and no expert on what looks good – yes, it is shorter, but… it will grow back. … Continue reading Q-Day 133: Where I’ve Been, Unabbreviated Edition

Sin City – The Climax

Day 4 We drove down the Strip to see the long-awaited Venetian. This is the one casino I wanted to see most. And it was stunning. Italy-inspired facades …the ceilings were painted like sky and clouds (which is exactly what Caesar’s and Paris did too) and the “sidewalks” were glistening like wet stones. I was … Continue reading Sin City – The Climax

Where I’ve Been: Recovery & Coffee-Mate-Gate

First, a technical update: Six weeks post-op two-level cervical arthroplasty. The post-op x-ray shows a textbook-perfect cervical spine with two shiny new titanium discs “well-placed.” The pain is mostly gone, except when I wake up in the morning or I do too much (still). I can’t remember the last time I felt pain radiating down … Continue reading Where I’ve Been: Recovery & Coffee-Mate-Gate


Today is day 9. There’s a boa constrictor wrapped around my neck, and the muscles are tight around my cervical spine. Do I feel better than last Saturday? I’m going to say yes. Todd said I’d forget the pain at some point, and I do think he’s right. Last Saturday I was 24 hours into … Continue reading After