Q-Day 30: April 10, In Our BEST Year

Today is my three-year anniversary at my job. Three years ago today I was in Philly for an all-day orientation. It was a beautiful day, though I spent all but the few minutes’ walk around the block inside. Side note: I get a prize for my anniversary! I don’t know what it is. I’m waiting until I’m back in the office on Monday to fully open the email.

Two years ago today, I was on a field trip to D.C. to visit the Holocaust museum. It was a beautiful, warm Spring day. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and we did a lot of walking. It was a long day and even though I needed two cocktails when it was over, I did have fun.

Like a typical April in the (eastern) middle states… Wednesday it was 74 degrees and sunny and today it’s 41 degrees and snowing. I found the outside door to the apartment open today. I shut it tightly closed and now I’m wondering if I’ve locked some critter in there that’s going to attack Ted when he leaves.

I have to go to the store today. I don’t want to. I’ve heard there are now rules for navigating (one entrance, one exit, number of people, one-way aisles) and that it takes forever to get through the store now. So now I have anxiety. What if I forget something in an aisle and I have to start all over at the beginning?

Todd offered to go for me, saying, “I need to get in a fight today.” I’d say this is an extreme side effect of boredom. Nonetheless, this is exactly why he’s not allowed to go.

Todd’s song of the day: Drops of Jupiter. As usual I didn’t recognize the lyric, “best soy latte that [he] ever had,” as I set his coffee on the bedside table. The song most often thought of when I perform this service is usually Black Coffee in Bed. Not a raging favorite of mine.

Todd went downstairs last night to take some measurements in the basement for the bar we’re going to build. His tape measure sounds an awful lot like a pinball machine. We might have a bar by the time we get out of quarantine, assuming we are able to get materials in the next few months. Or at the very least, Todd will have beat the pinball’s top score.

Update: I went to the store. It was every bit the shitshow I expected it to be (always better to go in with lower expectations). There were arrows on the floor directing you where to go, except when I followed the arrows to the right in the produce aisle I couldn’t find my way back to the bananas. So – we have no bananas.

People were ignoring the arrows and I am a good citizen with an attitude so I gave dirty looks to the criminals who can’t follow simple directions. I don’t think dirty looks are as effective with a mask on.

Does anyone know if the toilet paper companies are still making toilet paper? From the looks of the paper goods aisle, I’m concerned.

From the Rabbithole: A meteor landed in my living room. (I got nothin’ else. Obviously a person would wake up immediately after this.) I don’t even want to look this up.

Today’s stats:

Mental Health: 6 (nosediving at night…especially in the absence of alcohol)

Physical Health: 7 (keeping up with treadmill and yoga stretching)

Paper Supplies: 7 (down two more rolls from the only pack we have… only slightly concerned)

Alcohol: 4 (restocking may be imminent if we dip below 3)

Books read: I think the book that’s been on the coffee table since Sunday is Pachinko

Today’s T-shirt: Another college t-shirt, this version is white

Puppy treats: 2.5 (Sabra says, this is bullshit! Get me more, mom!) Update: fully stocked.

Roots watch: ½ inch

With no further explanation I offer these random tidbits:

You Tube was founded on February 14, 2005, originally a concept for online dating videos, and inspired by the difficulty locating video footage of Janet Jackson’s 2004 Superbowl scandal and the tsunami in the Indian Ocean that same year.

The Supreme Court has a basketball court.

J is the only letter you won’t find on the periodic table. (Unless you live in Norway, Poland, Sweden, Serbia, or Croatia – which use “jod” for Iodine.)

Princess Leia’s double buns were inspired by the hairstyles of Hopi women in “turn-of-the-century Mexico,” according to George Lucas.

One of those wigs sold at auction for $1,152.  By contrast, the slave bikini costume sold for $96,000.




2 thoughts on “Q-Day 30: April 10, In Our BEST Year

  1. Don’t you just love those arrows at the grocery store. I may never go again. What amazes me we have to wear face coverings and gloves and their staff doesn’t. WTF.

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