The Dogs Are Barkin’

So, years ago we used to use that expression to describe the pain in our feet after a long night in the restaurant. Today I would like to know – if when your feet are hurting, “the dogs are barkin’,” then what’s barking when your back, shoulders, knees, and arms hurt? A T-rex?

Seriously. I’ve been feeling pretty good overall, considering I’ve had back pain since the car accident two years ago. I’ve found a happy medium of regular exercise, yoga stretches, and healthy eating, all of which have helped tremendously. (At least until they no longer do, but we’re not going to talk about that.) Nonetheless, I know my limitations, especially at my age (I hate that I have to even consider that).

Last week I jogged up to the mailbox (we have community box units so it’s a short distance from the house) and back. It felt great. But now it’s the only thing I can attribute to the pain I’m in today. It’s the only thing that was different about anything I do on any given day. Sad. Any hope I had that I might actually get back to outdoor running again has been dashed.

Enough about that. Let’s talk about dogs.

The dogs have a new game they play, whereby they go out the sliders downstairs and run immediately up to the sliders upstairs to come in. This circle is apparently endless, according to Todd. Obviously, he’s not playing. I fell for it yesterday, since I was home, but after they ran right downstairs and jumped on Todd in his office (exclamation heard through the floor), I ignored them next time at the door.

Todd threw an old basketball outside and Shuggie barked at it for an hour. I’m thinking of adding a football. Stay tuned.

We purged a bunch of stuff again – 17 boxes of donations to Purple Heart and last weekend put two old office chairs, the exercise bike, and a bedside table on the curb “free.” Our neighbor across the street participating in the community yard sale moved them to his property and likely made $100 on all of it. (He offered to give us money if they sold, we said no.) In a separate transaction, an old desk of mine I did get $50 for.

On that note – I have no time or patience for Marketplace. Except for that one time I sold the toy train table. So a week ago I listed a repurposed armoire once used as a cabinet for a TV and later for storing things in the basement – for TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. We just wanted it gone.

I got a message from this woman who was interested – wanted to know the dimensions. I sent them to her. Meanwhile, I got 4 other people asking about it. To be fair, I said I had someone who inquired first. The woman messaged me two days later and said she was sorry and would take measurements of her space after work that day. Two more days go by. It’s now yard-sale Saturday. Message at 7:02 am asking if I still have it and she’s “measuring the space now” and can pick it up late morning. Todd moved it outside in front of the garage. Okay. Late morning comes and goes.

Three hours later she was waiting for her husband to get home with his truck. SIX hours after that, “it will fit. Where are you located?” And can they come in the evening to pick it up. Three hours after that, they got busy with house projects and they’ll be back in my area at 6 the next day. You see where this is going right??

Five days of back-and-forth, followed by 12 hours of fuckery. For TWENTY-FIVE dollars. I told her at each interval it was fine. The final straw was her asking for more pics of the inside and out. I told her I was sorry but at this point it’s just not worth selling. And this is why I don’t sell shit on Marketplace.

And, because 2020, one of my crowns cracked off and left razor-sharp edges behind that inhibited my ability to enjoy eating for three days. The dentist doesn’t fix things same day anymore either so, while I did get it sanded down, I have to return for the new crown. At least this time there’s no pain involved.

Tell me something good. (A borrowed phrase from Ryan Seacrest.)

The nights are cooler and we had the fire pit going three nights in a row. A friend came over on the third night and we had a couple of margaritas and a good time. I’d say this was long overdue.

Fall is upon us. And so is pumpkin spice, for all you addicts.

I’ve lost 6 pounds and am motivated to go for 6 more.

My anxiety has abated. Somewhat.

No doggy accidents in the house in a few weeks.

Opac is earning straight A’s at his new university.

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. A codex vitae is my next big project.

Brandon Leake, a “spoken-word” poet, up against two mediocre white dudes with guitars singing country (read: American Anthem-type music) in the final moments of  America’s Got Talent WON last night. And, although I’m not typically a watcher of this show, I got caught up in the three-night finale and this young man brought tears to my eyes. Give a listen to one of his previous performances: Powerful

Whether or not you believe that your vote for a winner of a “reality show” counts, make no mistake here – the real voice of America has spoken.

2 thoughts on “The Dogs Are Barkin’

  1. I feel you on the frustration of selling stuff. I would always tell folks “first come, first serve” to create a bit more competition. I would have told her that other people were interested and you are selling it to the first person who arrives to pick it up. Congrats on the decluttering!

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