Q-Day 183: Watching Movies

In the days and weeks that have passed where I tried not to hang my dirty laundry out to dry here, V has come home and we’ve resumed somewhat of our normal school-year  schedule.

We were watching movies and shows together, but that has tapered off as school begins anew. She turned me on to a cute little movie called The Kissing Booth (Netflix) and then, subsequently, Kissing Booth 2 was released so we watched that too. And when mom came down to visit, she made her watch it too. I did really like them both – highly recommend if you can stomach teen romances (that really border on adult relationships in a very unrealistic way – aka going to a bar and getting served). Also – for all ya’ll 80s kids like me – a cameo by Molly Ringwald.

We also watched some movie I picked starring Edward Cullen, er, I mean, Robert Pattinson – who I still can’t decide is actually really handsome or just a product of professional stylists. It’s called Remember Me (also on Netflix) and is 10 years old, presumably filmed between Twilight films, with another big name featured in Pierce Brosnan. I had never heard of it and as we watched, I really loved it, until the final scene. I won’t give away the ending, but it so floored me that the moment I realized what I was looking at I started to cry. It was an a-ha moment where I said out loud, oh no, and the tears came and V looked at me confused. If you know me, and you see it, you’ll know why. It was SO UNNECESSARY. It wasn’t needed for the plot line and for that I give the movie an epic fail. Still, I wouldn’t say don’t watch it, because I think the acting was well-done and the plot was interesting.

The next movie I picked was called The Rental (Amazon Prime). No recognizable names here. V loves horror/thrillers so it sounded like something right up her alley. I don’t particularly like horror movies so much anymore, but this one seemed reasonably tame.

Well, it was the dumbest ever. Just as one would expect, victims taking risks anyone with half a brain wouldn’t take, and inconsistencies such as a little dog who came along but wasn’t present or accounted for in about 96% of the scenes. Just when you’d say, what happened to Fido, suddenly the characters realize for the first time that he’s gone missing and go looking for him. Then, when they’re all dead (I think. Don’t hold me to it), the killer moves on to another “rental” and we see that he wears a mask but he takes it off and we never see his face. This is where I might expect we get a look at him. But alas, he’s just setting up another rental and another round of senseless killing. At least we knew why Jason and Michael murdered people. Super dumb, do not recommend. There are better ways to spend 90 minutes of your time.

Some other movies recently watched with Todd: The Dinner (Prime), and I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Psychological/thrillers, both. I read The Dinner, by Herman Koch, borrowed from the “breakroom library.” I really enjoyed it and when I saw that there was a movie, I jumped on it. Big names in this one: Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Steve Coogan, and Chloe Sevigny. Read the book – highly recommended. The movie isn’t bad – it captured the essence of the plot line but – as always, there’s so much more that can only be delivered on the written page.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (Iain Reid) was leant to me by someone I work with, with the caveat that she really wanted to know what someone else thought about it. I freaking loved it. A riveting page-turner, blood pressure-raising, could-not-put-down in the final chapters. Definitely an unforgettable read. And then the movie dropped on Netflix last Friday night and I couldn’t wait to see what the screen adaptation would deliver.

So. It was excellent. Mostly. The cinematography was excellent. Jesse Plemmons (Breaking Bad/El Camino) was outstanding, as was his costar Jessie Buckley. Toni Collette and David Thewlis delivered superb performances as the parents. The tension driven by the sound of the windshield wipers skillfully prickled the sense of foreboding. The ending was disappointing, but mostly because it didn’t really mirror the novel and there were parts of the film that seemed to go theatrically awry rather than lend blunt homage to the climax of the book. Still, I give it 2 thumbs up. Most people will love the twist. As always, I highly recommend the book first, film second.

I finished The Crown, season 3, after a very long hiatus. Just couldn’t get into this season for the longest time. But, I revisited it on the treadmill (it’s where I catch up on Netflix series). I am a fan of Tobias Menzies and he did a very nice turn as Prince Philip. The fabulous Helena Bonham Carter’s turn as Princess Margaret was also excellent.

Todd has had me watching Star Trek Next Generation series and I have loved every minute of it. How have I lived 50 years without Star Trek? Just watched First Contact and have two more to go before we start Picard on Netflix.

Today’s Stats

Mental Health: yo-yoing. Today it’s a 6. It was a 9 until some little bitch was disrespectful. But it’s okay, there are remedies to this.

Physical Health: I’m optimistically going with a 9. I am proud to say I’ve started running brief stretches and I’ve also lost 6 lbs.

Puppy Accidents: none since last report.

Paper supplies: fully stocked. No concerns.

Cleaning supplies: I have acquired Pine Sol, small packets of wipes, and comet. Todd found two bottles of Lysol at $5.79 each (highway robbery!) but there are no other liquid cleaners to be found.

Today’s T-Shirt: The handmade t-shirt from a former student with an image of a cassette tape on it. (One of his favorites.)

Random Tidbits

Earthworms have 5 hearts.

As of this writing on September 12th, today is Aunt’s Day and shout out to my Aunt Debbie, Aunt Paula, Aunt Candy, and Aunt Carol (in no particular order). And honorable mention to Aunt Marilyn who welcomed me to the “Todd” family with open arms. And a reminder to Neph and Nephtoo that I am STILL HERE and welcome any last minute phone calls to wish me well. Hint, hint.

It is also German language day – so I dedicate this post to Tony (a German native and fan of Star Trek) who actually watched most of I’m Thinking of Ending Things with us last week. And who taught me the words ich liebe dich, which is German for I love you and which I have, as the meme suggested, shouted at my loved ones, but not at Tony because that would be weird and awkward.

Today, September 13th:

Bald is Beautiful Day. Fortune Cookie Day. International Chocolate Day. National Peanut Day. National Hug Your Hound Day.

National Pet Memorial Day, Positive Thinking Day, Roald Dahl Day (look up some of his lit – it’s quite diverse), Snack a Pickle Day, and Racial Justice Day.

The latter I think it goes without saying, I wish we didn’t need. In the 21st century, this shouldn’t even be an issue anymore. But please, please consider how everything you say and do, how you live, how you think, how you shop, work, dine, drive – is different for a person of color. End the disgrace and do your part to bring us to the 21st century..

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