We Want to Know About Your Socks

Three days ago my sister-in-law (we’ll call her Sil for short) texted me asking for a phone back. Usually this means there’s a question, story, or a fun anecdote. I’m never fully prepared for the questions she has for me. How many socks should a person have? Our conversation went on about socks for a … Continue reading We Want to Know About Your Socks


Day 272 of quarantine and, this may be hard to believe, I’m sick of it. My patience is waning, my tolerance is at an all-time low; I’m alternately living in a bubble, trying to work safely in my job, and pretending that this isn’t a maddening life I’m living. Part of my writing inspiration comes … Continue reading Unstitched

Day 11

Random Notes: Still have plenty of TP. We're all gaining weight, even the dog, who is getting more treats from everyone in the house than she’s ever had. The drip in the kitchen faucet is diabolical. Dropped a bar of soap in the shower and learned it's just as loud as a shampoo bottle. Star … Continue reading Day 11