The Breaking Point, Part 2

**Trigger warning: Coronavirus, anxiety, depression, worry, despair **     I was blown away by the number of responses I got to that last post. I didn’t really want to write it or, at the least, share it. But then as I told a friend, while I wanted to keep positive because we all need … Continue reading The Breaking Point, Part 2

I’m Okay, But I’m Not

At 12 weeks post-op, I was back to normal. I was feeling great. There’s been a lot going on in our lives lately. A lot. I’m now officially working more hours and I’m grateful. Work is where I can be normal, and not think about my personal life. I’m making more money and I’m grateful … Continue reading I’m Okay, But I’m Not


T-minus 18 hours and 55 minutes, as of this writing. I’ve had multiple phone calls from the hospital to update my information, my medications, my instructions, my expectations…. All of which are designed to help everyone else do their job while my anxiety tops charts unseen since the summer of ’13. ICYMI: I’m having artificial … Continue reading Before